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I focus on the identification and safe removal of toxins from the body. Unfortunately, toxins are a fact of life nowadays. They exist everywhere, from industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and moulds to general household cleaning products, but while they pose a serious threat to health and can cause chronic disease, there are ways we can lower our toxic absorption and move towards a lifestyle that promotes optimal health and wellbeing.

Toxic heavy metals are all around us. Intertwined with our food, soil and air, the quantity of chemicals produced and introduced into the environment has increased over 200% since the 1930’s. Over 200 million tonnes of toxic, harmful chemicals are released into our air each year.

While you may not be aware of the process, your body naturally absorbs heavy metals including lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminium on a daily basis. However, the extent of modern day pollution means that these heavy metal toxins are more likely to be absorbed at dangerous levels. This can cause every-day adverse side-effects and chronic illnesses, but more importantly, they stop us from absorbing and processing crucial vitamins and life giving essential minerals.

Please note – I only prescribe safe, gentle and natural supplements to remove metals. I do not advocate or prescribe DMSA or EDTA chelation therapies due to the possibility of serious reactions, reduced calcium levels and permanently damaged kidneys. My protocols may take a little longer but they respect and work with your body gently.

In addition, a general liver detox purchased over the counter is an ill-advised and dangerous method of detoxing, as not only do you not know what you are detoxing, but you can cause irreversible damage to your liver and kidneys. Cleansing of toxic metals from the body needs to be undertaken slowly and carefully over a period of months with professional support and supplementation of the essential minerals and other therapies specific to each individuals need.

The following may be signs indicating you are affected by heavy metal toxicity:

  • Fatigue, exhaustion and thyroid issues
  • Compromised children with a diagnosis of autism or ADHD
  • Feeling persistently unwell
  • Memory fogginess
  • Patients with chronic conditions who are unwilling to accept a lifetime diagnosis

At the Toxic Metals Detox Clinic, the most up to date testing is used to assess the levels of toxic metals and mineral deficiencies in your body. A simple and quick test can provide you with instant and accurate measurements of your mineral and metal levels. Giving you the answers you have desperately wanted.

Please go to my specific website, Toxic Metals Detox Clinic, Melbourne, to begin your journey to wellness – www.toxicmetals.com.au

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