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About Stress

Stress is our body’s reaction to changes that occur within our everyday lives. When we experience unexpected stress our body automatically responds by entering ‘fight or flight’ mode. During this period our body releases the cortisol hormone, increasing our blood pressure and heart rate. Our body then decides whether the stressful situation should be acknowledged and fought, or if it should be ignored and left alone.

Stress is a common reaction and one which we will all have an encounter with at some stage in our lives. Stress can be caused by a number of factors relating to our living environment, our body and thoughts. Prominent life events resulting in negative changes, can cause us an immense amount of stress. Financial hardships are often considered to be the main cause of stress however, stress can be caused by almost anything. Perhaps an upcoming exam or relationship issues, sometimes even positive life changes can result in stress. Stress impacts every person differently.

While stress may come and go throughout our lives, prolonged activation of stress can result in wear and tear on our body, both physically and emotionally. Unmanaged stress can lead to depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Physically, stress can lead to an increase or decrease in weight, insomnia or increased blood pressure, among a variety of other issues. Stress can also be detrimental if one decides to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol in attempt to relieve the feeling of stress.

Causes of stress

When we feel stressed we often feel overwhelmed or as if we are under an immense amount of pressure. When we encounter stressful situations sometimes it can impact our work and social lives. It becomes a challenge to participate in our regular daily routines as the core issue relating to our stresses, continuously plays on our minds. You may notice yourself pull back from outings with friends or notice a decrease in your level of productivity at work. Sometimes the stress will pass in a matter of hours or days, once we have resolved or gained a grip on the initial issue which caused the stress. However, sometimes stress could linger or become a reoccurring event, this is when you should take necessary actions to ensure you effectively manage the stress.

How can naturopathy cure stress?

If you are feeling stressed, you should consider taking necessary steps to relieve some of the tension you may be feeling. It is important to remember that some things are out of our control and over stressing yourself won’t resolve the issue. Step back, take a deep breath, learn to control your mental habits and bring forth a positive attitude. Exercise is one of the core stress relievers as it releases endorphins into our bodies and counteracts the stress. Good nutrition is also key as the more vitamins, minerals and protein our bodies consume, the less we will feel impacted by stress. Taking time out to relax and meditate will help you gain a grip on your negative thoughts. If you find yourself constantly under stress, consider taking up yoga or tai chi to control your negative thoughts.

Why Choose Us

Janine Brundle, founder and specialized practitioner at Havelock Healing, has over 10 years’ experience as a naturopath, homeopath and nutritionist. Janine offers natural therapies along with nutrition plans and lifestyle advice. The journey to good health is not always an easy one but rest assured you will be heard, guided and understood by an individual who is passionate about helping others. Janine uses the latest technology to identify mineral deficiencies and identify toxic metals within the body. Offering support to three types of clients; those wanting to maintain good general health, those who have suffered health conditions for years and those who are sometimes affected. No matter what your health concern, you can feel confident in knowing you will be heard, understood and will be provided with the best healing support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • During our initial consult we will discuss your situation and the main focus of your life which is causing you stress. We will identify the best methods to assist you and learn some beneficial coping mechanisms.

  • Generally, your first appointment will go for the longest and you should reserve at least an hour of your time. Each follow up appointment will run for approximately 45 minutes.

  • Every client is different and therefore the amount of appointments needed will depend on your circumstance. If you require less guidance, you will only need 1 or 2 follow up sessions however if you require more guidance and support we will schedule more accordingly.

  • In your first initial consult, we will discuss your main health concerns We will then assess all aspects of your life, undertake various tests and determine what factors could potentially be contributing to your issue. Finally, we will work out the best way to provide you with healing support.