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September 8, 2019

How Parents Can Prevent Childhood Obesity In Their Own Children

With the obesity rates among children skyrocketing across the globe, it is only natural for you to be concerned about your child. 

How can you prevent it from happening to your child?

A naturopathic approach to treating obesity is holistic and focuses on correcting the imbalance in the lifestyle of a child and underlying causes and potential triggers of obesity, rather than focusing on surface level things such as diet and weight-loss.


Take a naturopathic approach to dealing with childhood obesity instead:


#1. Remove the obstacles and barriers to self-healing

Naturopathy promotes the belief that our bodies have the capacity to self-heal and correct a number of disorders and illnesses. This includes obesity.

But to do this, you need to remove the obstacles and barriers that could make your child obese.

These obstacles can be identified an imbalanced diet, poor sleep or unhealthy daily routines that do not lead to a healthy body.


#2. Identify and treat the causes of obesity

Instead of dealing with the symptoms of obesity (weight gain), naturopathy focuses on identifying and changing (or preventing) the underlying causes of obesity.

Is your child having problems with digestion or tend to overeat due to stress or trauma? 

How is the child’s insulin sensitivity? 

All these issues are tackled during treatment with a naturopath in order to prevent the return of symptoms once the child attains a healthy weight.


#3. Both you and your child need to be educated

The health of your child is not up to only you or your child.

It’s up to the both of you.

A thorough education of both parents and children on the importance of a balanced diet, minimizing stress/trauma, and a healthy lifestyle are important for long-term health and prevention of obesity in the future.

If you don’t live and promote a healthy lifestyle, how can your child?


#4. Emphasis on the mind-body connection

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of obesity, is your mentality.

Naturopathic practitioners will point out and educate you and your children on the importance of mental and physical balance. This is a key component to achieving overall health.

No parent would like their child to become a victim of the youth obesity epidemic…


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