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My passion is to provide positive support for all your health needs – whether it be assistance for seasonal Hay-fever, allergies, asthma, sleeplessness, constant fatigue, skin rashes, digestive concerns, panic attacks, anxiety or deep and chronic depression, in fact any general health concerns no matter how long held or how small, if they are a concern to you, then supporting you through this is important to me.

My clients tend to fit three categories, those who want to maintain their general health and would like to know what imbalances they may have, such as mineral deficiencies or toxic overloads, and prevent these from accumulating so they can lead a long and energetic life. They may have a concern about a form of toxicity that has affected them such as mould or old dental fillings or being subjected to toxic sprays.

There are those who have been suffering for many years with chronic pains, fatigue, memory issues and general unwellness, who have been going from one Doctor to another, having many expensive tests done, searching for answers and being given a ‘lifetime’ diagnosis, of which they are not prepared to accept, of having to take medications that not only suppress the symptoms but often cause terrible side effects. These clients present with Fibromyalgia, Thyroid issues, CFS, Neurological conditions, Lethargy, Anxiety and Depression.

Then there are those who are normally well and healthy but occasionally are affected by seasonal onsets such as hay-fever, colds and flu or general aches and pains, or they many have had a sudden emotional trauma or grief or accident that has thrown them and their bodies off track or it could be effects of the change of life/Menopause which for many can cause unwanted symptoms and concerns. Or perhaps they would like support with fertility to create a family.

Not only as a Grandmother of five, with a lifetime of experience that brings along with it empathy and an understanding that everyday health concerns can be all consuming, but also I bring to my clinic extensive knowledge as a Naturopath, Homeopath and Nutritionist. Rather than focusing on the one symptom, I take the approach of holistic healing, looking at my client’s eating patterns, environmental, work/home environment and lifestyle habits to understand why the body has become unbalanced.

My area of speciality is in the identification of mineral deficiencies and toxic metals in the body along with the correct and most effective detoxing and supplementing to gain wellness. I find time and time again that many symptoms are as a direct result of a toxic metal overload and/or mineral deficiency. Another area that I focus on is that of parasites and gut imbalances.

Unlike a standard visit to a Medical Centre your initial appointment will be thorough, in-depth and will not be rushed, the initial consultation may go for an hour and a half, during this time you will be listened to and supported. You will leave with positive answers and a feeling of being acknowledged and empowered.