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What is fatigue?


is a feeling of constant tiredness and exhaustion caused by lifestyle factors and/or health conditions. Regardless of the amount of sleep an individual may have, there is a strong feeling of restlessness and lack of energy to go about a normal daily routine. If fatigue is not treated, the symptoms may worsen, causing further physical and mental health issues.

Do I have fatigue?

If you frequently feel lethargic and often find yourself both physically and mentally exhausted after doing little physical activity, it’s likely you are suffering from fatigue. You may struggle to concentrate at work, experience blurred vision and just have an overall feeling of being ‘run down’, these are all common symptoms of fatigue. Fatigue can be caused due to a number of reasons; overworking your body and mind, perhaps a physical or mental illness or it can even be a common side effect of some medications. If not treated at early stages it could lead to chronic fatigue, which is an extreme case, having more serious implications on your physical and mental wellbeing.

How can naturopathy help my fatigue?

In order to overcome fatigue, you must train yourself to have a regular sleep routine and take much needed time out for relaxation. It’s most important to listen to your body and don’t push yourself if you are feeling exhausted. As everyone’s fatigue causes and symptoms differ, treatment will also vary. A naturopath will be able to assess your situation and determine the underlying causes, in order to improve your fatigue symptoms. With lifestyle and diet guidance, along with natural medicines, a naturopath will help you to overcome your fatigue.

Why Choose Us

Janine Brundle, founder and specialized practitioner at Havelock Healing, has over 10 years’ experience as a naturopath, homeopath and nutritionist. Janine offers natural therapies along with nutrition plans and lifestyle advice. The journey to good health is not always an easy one but rest assured you will be heard, guided and understood by an individual who is passionate about helping others. Janine uses the latest technology to identify mineral deficiencies and identify toxic metals within the body. Offering support to three types of clients; those wanting to maintain good general health, those who have suffered health conditions for years and those who are sometimes affected. No matter what your health concern, you can feel confident in knowing you will be heard, understood and will be provided with the best healing support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is no quick fix for fatigue. However, there are a number of approaches we can take to relieve your fatigue symptoms.

  • We can offer a number of natural medicines, after running some tests we can find the most suitable medicine to treat your symptoms.

  • As there is no outright cure for fatigue, we can analyze your lifestyle and diet to take necessary steps in order to improve your feeling of fatigue.

  • You should see a naturopath as soon as possible. Ignoring your fatigue symptoms could worsen your condition and bring forth more physical and mental health concerns